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Valentine's Celebration

Updated: Mar 19

February 10, 2024

United Church of Christ

1845 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh NY 11793

Autocrat: Count Niccolo da Palermo

Feastocrat: Lady Jeanette & Hugoline the Delicate, Baroness An dubhaigeainn

Class Instructors: Lady Galiena the small, who taught a class on creating heart shaped pin cushions and Lady Laurel O'Mearain who taught a class on creating beaded favors.

There were tales of the fun and glory had on the field during the Rose Tourney, and Lord Gilchrist was called into court in recognition of his cunning and prowess on the field.

The event was originally scheduled as 1st round of crown, but our own,  Lord Eamon Grey and Lady Lily Morgaine-Grey in the pursuit of a larger estate, have had to withdraw from crown tourney.

The remaining contestants will progress to 2nd round of crown, which will be held March 9th, at the Masquerade Ball.  


To all Contestants – Make sure you have your 3-5 man teams for 2nd round of crown. MAKE SURE all of your combatants are qualified (they need 3 fighting events and an active membership for 2024).

There is a fee of 2 bezants per fighter to enter 2nd round of crown. If you need a loan from the crown in order to cover your contestants, please reach out to his grace or myself privately to discuss arrangements.

Congratulations to the newly crowned, Baron Demetrius Villaquemada de Salaparuta and Baronness Galiena the Small, of Tyre An Jalut!

Lady Laurel O'Mearain was called into court and presented with a starfish, for making a difference in the kingdom.

Congratulations to Countess Rhiannon of Ayres for her induction into the Order of the Golden Bowl

And Thanks to Lady Lily Morgain-Grey and Lord Eamon Grey for the completion of the scroll.

These events couldn’t happen with out all of you, and the love that you have for this kingdom. Thank you for the wonderful event, and the memories. I cant wait to see you all at MARCH MASQUERADE / 2nd round of Crown!

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Countess Rhiannon of Ayres, being inducted into the order of the golden bowl


Illumination by Lily Morgaine Grey, Calligraphy by Lord Eamon Grey, Words by Tara Regina


Illumination by Lady Lily Morgaine Grey

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