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Our Mission

Here at the Kingdom of Acre, we take pride in our commitment to creating an authentic medieval reenactment experience for all to enjoy. Our passionate collection of history enthusiasts is dedicated to bringing the time of knights, kings, and castles to life through enchanting events and engaging storytelling. Our Mission and Vision statements are reflective of our continued commitment to historical learning and fellowship.


Medieval Scenarios and Recreations (MSR) is devoted to promoting and facilitating research, recreation, and appreciation of medieval culture and skills, empowering education and scholarship of Medieval Studies by providing participants with a supportive environment, events, demonstrations, and other educational opportunities in which they may pursue areas of specialization and engage in scholarly fellowship.



In order to manifest these aims, we shall pursue several goals: to run “Medieval Festivals” at which the general public may find an interest in and an appreciation of the Middle Ages; to found and maintain a living history museum where daily life of the Middle Ages may be experienced firsthand; and any other projects that from time to time may occupy us, that are supportive of and appropriate to our ongoing purpose.


We hold this corporate purpose and pursue these tangible goals, because we believe that education and the increase of human understanding are basic goods in and of themselves. 

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