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The Kingdom's Currency



The Kingdom of Acre has an economy based on the use of a coin, called a “bezant.” The use  of said coin is outlined below:

I. There are three types of bezants. 

a. The smallest is the silver bezant, commonly called the Richard or the Angus. 


b. There are four silver (Richard) bezants to a gold bezant, commonly called the  Three Queens (Ariana, Persephone, Vivien).


c. Two gold (Three Queens) bezants equal one silver Three Queens (Adriana, Caterina, Rosalinda) bezant.


II. The reigning Monarchs will be accountable for the Royal Treasury and all expenditures made during their reign. The Kingdom Exchequer will be responsible for bezant payments and collection of maintenance fees unless otherwise indicated below.

III. Any former King or Queen may petition the Crown for an appropriate title, i.e., Count and/or Countess of an approved Crusader city or region. (Such title may be shared by a couple or awarded separately).


a. Should a Count and/or Countess choose to establish a County, they must fulfill the same requirements for establishing and maintaining a Barony, with the exception that only 12 members are required.


b. The retention of all titles will depend upon payment of the yearly maintenance fee. (The fee for a County may be substituted for the individual Count/Countess maintenance fee). 


IV. Upon winning a Crown Tournament, the successful candidate(s), along with being proclaimed Prince and/or Princess of Acre, will receive the temporary title of Count and/or Countess of Jaffa; which title will bring with it a cash payment of ten  gold bezants apiece from the Crown. This payment will occur on the day the candidate(s) win the Crown Tournament.  

a. At the conclusion of a reign, the former King and Queen will receive the courtesy title of Count and/or Countess of Ascalon for the duration of the following year, and a cash payment of ten gold bezants. This payment will occur at the event at which the King and Queen conclude Their Reign, typically at Yule Revel. 


b. At the end of the year, the Count and/or Countess of Ascalon may choose an appropriate title, i.e., Count and/or Countess of an approved Crusader city or region, previously approved by the Crown; providing, of course, that they can pay the necessary maintenance fees.

V. Each individual, who participates at a corporate event (i.e. any event sponsored by the corporation, such as a fair or demonstration, or designated as such by the Board of Directors or Corporate President, will receive one  silver bezant per day. Each individual, who participates at a corporate workday, will receive one  gold bezant per day.


VI. When summoned to participate in a kingdom war, whether foreign or domestic, all Acre warriors will be paid, per day for their martial service to the Kingdom of Acre, according to the following scale: 

a. Heavy fighters:

  • Knight:  2 silver bezants

  • Squire/Serjeant/Man-at Arms: 1 silver bezant

  • Knight Bannerettes shall receive twice the above scale for all knights, serjeants, squires and men-at-arms that they field. (Said monies to be paid directly to the Knight Bannerette). 

  • Monks, fighting under the banner of the Church, shall be paid an additional bezant per man according to the above scale. (Such monies being paid to the Church representative and not directly to the individual monk).

b. Archery: 

  • Knight (Master of the Bow): 2 silver bezants

  • Squire/Serjeant/Man-at Arms, non-affiliated: 1 silver bezant

c. Rapier:

  • Knight (Chevalier): 2 silver bezants

  • Squire/Serjeant/Man-at Arms, non-affiliated: 1 silver bezant


Payment is to be made by the Crown or its designated representative on the day of service, at the end of the war, or no later than the first event the warrior attends after the war. It is the responsibility of the Constable, or his/her designated representative at the war to record the names of those warriors who served and their dates of service and provide such to the Crown. 


VII. All Kingdom units will be paid per day, when they set up their medieval booths at a corporate event (i.e., a fair/demo), according to the following scale:

  • 3 gold bezants for the Ayn Jalut catapult booth, the Kyrenia dart and ring toss booths, the Montfort Maze, and the armourer’s booth;

  • 6 gold bezants for the Ile de Graye kiddie joust, the Chastel  Pellerin boccie booth, and the craft demonstration booths;

  • 9 gold bezants for the Archers’, Fencers’, and Rattan lists, the Tyre shield painting booth, the performers’ guild and the Fashion Show.


(Any additional booths created will have to be evaluated by the Exchequer on a case-by-case basis).

In addition, for each intra-Kingdom event all such units hold during the course of a year, units will be paid according to the following scale:

  • Bailiwick: 1 gold bezant per event

  • Shire: 2 gold bezants per event

  • Barony: 3 gold bezants per event

  • County: 4 gold bezants per event


VIII. Any other officially chartered guild, except those mentioned above, shall receive two gold bezants per day when the members perform or demonstrate at a Corporate event/demo. (This is in addition to payments made to individual members).


IX. Corporate Officers will be  paid a yearly salary, according to the following scale:

  • President:  25 gold bezants

  • Vice-President: 20 gold bezants

  • Secretary: 20 gold bezants

  • Treasurer: 20 gold bezants

  • Registrar: 20 gold bezants

X. All Kingdom Officers shall receive a yearly salary (paid quarterly) according to the following scale:

  • Great Officers:  6 gold bezants

  • Minor Officers: 4 gold bezants

  • In addition to the yearly salary, the Outremerean King of Arms may receive an additional ten silver bezants for the maintenance of the College of Arms.

XI. The Patriarch of Antioch, if he so desires, may charge the Kingdom with a yearly Tithe (10% of the Kingdom Treasury).

XII. At an event, the Crown will pay out sums according to the following scale: 

  • Event Autocrat: 3 gold bezants

  • Event Feastocrat: 3 gold bezants

  • Other single service: 3 gold bezants 

    • (i.e. teaching a class at an event, marshal/run tourney, Royal retainers, produce craft items for largesse, etc.)


The Crown may designate other payment amounts as appropriate for the level of service.  

Any citizen may petition the Crown through a written request to the Exchequer for payment for service to the Kingdom. The Exchequer will determine the validity of the request and, if approved, will make payment as requested. If the Exchequer determines the request to be invalid or that a different amount should be paid, he/she will consult with the Crown to determine the appropriate payment amount and make payment as determined by the Crown. 
XIII. Each year at Coronation, a tax or maintenance fee must be paid to the Crown, and collected by the Exchequer, according to the following scale:

  • Shire: 15 gold  bezants 

  • Barony: 30 gold bezants 

  • County: 40  gold bezants 

  • Guild: 5 gold bezants 

  • Knight/Chevalier/Master of the Bow/Master of the Horse: 3 gold bezants 

  • Knight Bannerette: 4  gold bezants 

  • Peer of the Realm: 5 gold bezants 

  • Count/Countess: 7 gold bezants 


Failure to pay the proper maintenance fee will result in the immediate loss of all titles and privileges for individuals and/or dissolution of the geographical unit or guild. However, the Crown may waive any or all fees at Their discretion. 

XIV. The Corporate President will maintain the circulating coinage.

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