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The Kingdom of Acre's Great Officers


The Constable: Count Douglas

Is responsible for coordinating all of the Kingdom’s martial arts. He supervises the Marshal, the Captain of Archers, the Captain of Fence and all other lesser offices appointed by the Crown that deal with the military. The Constable also acts as Military second-in-command to the Sovereign.


The Seneschal: Count Galvyn Lockhart

Is responsible for supervising all Kingdom events. All baronial and shire stewards report to the Seneschal, and clear all their events through that officer. The Seneschal also acts as Administrative second-in-command to the Sovereign.

The Chamberlain: Lady Laurel O'Marean

Is responsible for overseeing all arts and science projects carried out within the Realm.


The Exchequer: Lord Cedric of Bryford

Is responsible for the finances of the Kingdom, including the collecting of taxes and reviewing the financial results of all events. The Sheriff is one of the lesser officers that reports to him. 


The Chancellor:  Countess Rhiannon

Is responsible for the calling and organizing of Parliament. 



The Kingdom of Acre's Minor Officers

Chatelaine: Lady Ismina

Welcomes newcomers and assists them in the ways of the Kingdom, from clothing and gear to etiquette, and introduces them to people who can help them learn about the things that interest them.

Court Herald: Lady Kristen

Organizes and runs the royal court, and serves the voice of the Crown in court or on the field (the herald shouts so the Crown doesn't have to). The herald is also the Crown's messenger and protocol expert, and occasional ambassador.

Outremer King of Arms:
Count Dionysius

Maintains the Roll of Arms, a list of the heraldic devices claimed by various individuals within Kingdom. Each person can have a heraldic device - a design of colors and objects unique to themselves. The Outremer keeps track of who has which device and reviews and approves devices to ensure that they comply with the applicable rules of heraldry and don’t too closely resemble someone else’s device. 


Court Bard: Lord Paul Dented Helm

In charge of matters concerning music and storytelling arts, the court bard organizes entertainment in the feast hall or at the campfire, and also provides entertainment for the Crown.


Marshal: Baron Conrad

Is in charge of heavy list combat in the Kingdom, enforcing safety rules, running tournaments, and often weighing in during authorization bouts, when newcomers to the art of heavy list fighting are tested to demonstrate that they sufficient skill and experience to fight on the tourney field without being a danger to themselves and others. Baronial Reeves report to the Marshal.


Captain of Archers: Countess Persephene

Is in charge of target archery in the Kingdom, enforcing safety rules and sometimes teaching archery. Baronial archery lieutenants report to the Captain.


Captain of Combat Archers: Baron Leon

Is in charge of archery on the fighting field (which employs special blunt tipped arrows for safety).


Captain of Fence: Baroness Johanna 

Is in charge of fencing in the Kingdom, enforcing safety rules and organizing fencing tournaments, and otherwise performing duties similar to those of the Marshal.


Sheriff: Sir Rinaldo

The Kingdom strives to maintain at our gatherings a look and feel authentic to the medieval period. The job of the Sheriff is to call attention to blatantly non-medieval objects and behaviors and to suggest to those involved ways in being more authentically medieval.


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