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Who We Are


Welcome to Medieval Scenarios and Recreations Inc., a non-profit group incorporated under the laws of New York State, licensed to do business throughout the Northeastern U.S., Regents and charted as an Educational Institution.

As a historical recreation group, we are dedicated to the accurate recreation of the High Middle Ages (circa 1000-1500) in Western Europe. To further this purpose, we have created the fictional Kingdom of ACRE, a medieval Crusader Kingdom which provides the background for the meetings of divergent Europeans and beyond.

Our unique setting allows for a wide range of personas and culture. Here are some of the themes our members can explore:



  • European (English, French, German, etc)

  • Italian

  • Iberian & Sephardic

  • Byzantine

  • Middle Eastern & African



  • French Knights

  • Teutonic

  • The Moors

  • Varangian Guard (Vikings!)

  • Janissary Guards

  • and more

Our members portray personae of the gentry class. However, titles of Nobility within the group can be earned only through awards granted for service to the kingdom.

We make every effort to recreate, as accurately and authentically as possible, the various aspects of the Middle Ages and our members are expected to do their best in attaining these goals individually. M.S.R. presents a variety of events, both public and private, the success of which depends solely upon the efforts of our volunteers. Each year we stage many complete medieval fairs, supplying both the labor and the entertainment involved in such projects. Our private events provide an ideal showcase for our individual talents in costuming, performance skills, cooking, brewing, dancing, and tournament combat. Those members with the most impressive accomplishments often receive awards for their efforts. As a new member, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, and to experience a new way of life.

We encourage you to become involved and to participate in all aspects of our organization. We hope that you will make full use of the resources that we offer.

MSR's ultimate goals include the construction and operation of a historically accurate castle and village.

Upon joining, each new member is invited to join any category of participation which most appeals to them.

The categories available include:

  • The White Hart Newsletter

  • Cooking & Brewing 

  • Costuming

  • Public Relations    

  • Tailoring

  • Construction Projects (Wood/Metalwork)

  • Armoring    

  • Education Curriculum Development    

  • Period Crafts

  • Demonstrations

  • Recruitment

  • Calligraphy & Illumination

  • Children & Youth Activities

  • Fencing, Archery, and Armored Combat

Members can also suggest their own fields of interest and expertise. Please contact our Registrar using our contact form with your ideas, or if you need any assistance or advice (re: etiquette, garb, feast-gear, car-pool, etc.) in attending your first few events.


Learn more about the Kingdom's laws and governance 


See the history of the Kingdom's early years


Learn more about the Kingdom's currency and economy 

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