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March - Masquerade 2024

Updated: Mar 19

Held at The Clifton Masonic Lodge No. 23 1496 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013

on March 9, 2024

Autocrat: The Queen, King, and the Barony of Cyprus

Feastocrat: Joan Countess Paletine, with assistance of Countess Catherine Fionne, Lady Ismina Di Salaprauta, and Baroness Brooke of Cyprus, along with many other helping hands

AS: Lady Zipora Du Bois Taught classes on Mask Making;

Lady Conandil and Young Lord Benjamin taught a class on 15th Century Italian Dancing

2nd Round of Crown Results

The Four Teams:

·        Count Douglas and Lady Una’s team

·        Countess Persephone and Lady Ismina’s team

·        Count Niccolo da Palermo and Lady Luna’s team

·        Baron Conrad and Lady Kristen’s team


As the teams assembled on the field Baron Conrad announced that he and his Lady Kristen have decided to join forces with Countess Persephone and Lady Ismina, stating that they have withdrawn from crown THIS year, and will be fighting for the honor of Lady Ismina.


After a double elimination tournament, Count Douglas and Lady Una and Countess Persephone and Lady Ismina will be progressing to the 3rd and final round of crown.

3rd round of crown will be held as a field battle between the 2 remaining contestants and their teams. In order to fight on a team, combatants must have an active 2024 membership, and 1 event fought in Acre or under an Acre banner in 2023.

Lady Zipora Dubios ran a wonderful class on Venetian mask making, and the populace created their master pieces for the ball, and the mask parade which occurred later in the evening.

Lady Conandil and Lord Benjamin spread joy sharing their knowledge and love for medieval Italian dance, as they taught us Gelosea and Rostiboli to prepare for the ball later in the evening.

Court was held once the classes and fighting had concluded and Sir Stanislaus Polanski was called into court and awarded a token for helping hands.

Lord Malcom MacKenneth was called into court, and provided a land grant for Cawdor

Baron Demitrius Villaquemada de Salaparuta was called into court and provided a Land grant for Swierz.

Baron Leon was called into Court to be elevated to the rank of Sergeant.

Upon the conclusion of Court, the Masked Ball commenced, and everyone donned there beautiful mask creations, and danced the night away.

Once our appetites had been fully worked up, after a day of fighting and dancing, feast was served by our very talented kitchen staff, and head feastocrat.

Between removes there was a parade of masks, where all who made a mask wore them in display for all to see, and showed them off to the royalty. Shortly thereafter, Lady Conandil, Lord Benjamin, and Lord Hectore Danced for the pleasure of the populace.

As a finale, Countess Catherine Fionne presented the populace with a masterfully created Pisces Birthday cake and we all sang happy birthday to the many Pisces in the room.

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