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Jil Al' Alfia (Pre-Millennial) Crusade

May 4, 2024

The New Dawn Foundation, 590 Davenport Ave New Rochelle, NY 10805

Autocrat: Sir Rinaldo de Villaquemada

Feastocrat: Lady Laurel O'Mearain

Arts & Sciences

Nalbinding Class, Taught by Baroness Galiena the Small

Date Tasting Class, Run by Lady Laurel O'Mearain

Pouch Making Class, Taught by Lady Zipora Dubois

(Sorry I didn't get a photo!!)

Belly Dance Performance coordinated by Sergeant Caitlin and Performed by the Lady Chantal

Third Round of Crown was a fierce battle, which could have gone either way. On one side stood the forces of Sir Persephone Psaras di Salaparuta, Countess of Ponte Castro. Across from her, stood the opposing team, fighting on behalf of Sir Douglas Du VraiCoer Count Chastel Pellerin. The battle ensued and both teams fought with valor and bravery, showing honor to their opponent.

Sir Douglas du VraiCoer's team emerged victorious. On the battlefield, Sir Douglas and Lady Una were crowned Prince and Princess of Acre!

Sir Galvyn Lockhart, Count of Ibelin, Principal of Chivalry called Sir Kurt Jarnhand into court for acknowledgment of him martial prowess and dedication.

Sir Adriana di Salaparuta, Countess of Blanche Garde was called into court and acknowledged for continual assistance to the crown.

Sir Rinaldo de Villaquemada was called into court and acknowledged for leadership and encouragement.

Lord Eamon Grey was called into court, and named Ambassador to the known world, and presented with the ambassador's cross.

Baron Conrad Jarnhand was called into court to be presented with an award of honor for the diligence of running regular fight practices, and his kindness to all.

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