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Coronation of Tara III and Damien III

Updated: Mar 19

January 6, 2024

Congdon-Overlook Lodge F & Am

Morristown Rd 15, Bernardsville NJ 07924 

Autocrat: Count Andreas DuVulpes 

Feastocrat: Countess Vivian de Dunbar, Countess Adriana di Salaparuta, Countess Catherine Fionne, Lady Ismina Marcella di Salaparuta, and Countess Persephone Psaras di Salaparuta 

1st Court of Tara III and Damien III 

Joan Countess Palatine was inducted into the Order of the White Hart. 

Peers of the realm swore fealty 

Count Galvin Lockhart was Named as Principal of Chivalry 

Chivalry swore Fealty 

Great Officers of State Assigned

Seneschal  - Lady Ismina Di Salaparuta 

Constable - Count Nicolo d'Palermo 

Exchequer - Lord Cedric of Bryford 

Chancellor - Countess Rhiannon of Ayres 

Chamberlain - Lady Zipora DuBois

Minor Officers of the Crown Assigned 

Outremer - Count Andreas Du Vulpes 

Chatelaine - Countess Catherine Fionne 

Marshall - Baron Conrad Jarnhand 

Court Herald - Lady Kristen Draconsenger 

Captain of Archers - Countess Esther Villarquemada 

Captain of Combat Archers - Baron Leon of Cyprus

Captain of Fence - Count Andreas Du Vulpes 

Captain of the Queens Guard - Count Douglas Du VraiCouer 

Court Bard - Lady Luna de Valeria 

Mistress of Patent Letters - Lady Lily Morgaine Grey

2nd Court of Tara III and Damien III 

The Royal Edicts 

  • Marshalling an event shall count as an event fought, for the purposes of crown tourney 

  • Chocolate and coffee are to be considered period - and we will be willing to take bribes on potatoes - BUT you must make a very clever case and story as to how you obtained them.

  • For aesthetic and atmosphere some sort of music must be included at all events. There is to be singing, dancing, and bardic performances at all events when feasible. 

  • In a continued effort to grow the kingdom, all new members who sign up will have their first event site fee waived. 

  • Anyone providing service to the kingdom, such as scribal arts, music, autocrating, feastocrating, or teaching shall receive bezants at that event for service to the crown. 

  • Taxes will not be collected this year, and any owed outstanding taxes shall be forgiven. 

Their graces called all members of the populace who have been in good standing with the kingdom for 1 year or longer, those who are not peers or chivalry to the kingdom, and hold no major orders, into court to receive a writ for land titles to be granted upon the submission of kingdom arms, with a full medieval name, and an area of land of interest. 

The intending heirs were announced into court in order of precedence, to submit their letter of intent, and receive a token to proceed to the 1st round of crown.  


Contestants for Crown

Count Nicolo d'Palermo & Lady Luna Isabella de Valeria 

Countess Persephone Psaras di Salaparuta & Lady Ismina Marcella Di Salaparuta 

Count Douglas DuVraiCouer & Lady Una del Unicorn 

Baron Conrad Jarnhand & Lady Kristen Draconsenger 

Lord Eamon Grey & Lady Lily Morgaine Grey 

1st round of Crown will take place February 10th at the Valentines Event in Wantagh

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