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Required protective equipment for rapier combat in the MSR are as follows


The Head:

An approved fencing mask or equivalent protection for the head and neck.


The Neck:

A gorget that covers the neck and includes rigid protection for the throat itself (required for schlager combat and practice, optional for epee)


The Body:

A three weapon jacket or equivalent layers of Rapier armor made of approved materials (trigger, leather etc.). Please be aware that if you are wearing a doublet over a rapier legal shirt, the doublet should not have an opening where the piece clasps/buttons/laces together. If this is the case, an underlap must be added to cover the gap. Arms must be covered by fencing jacket or equivalent protection (i.e. trigger rapier shirts). For women, a breast protector is recommended but optional.


The Hands:

The hands must be covered by three weapon gloves or their equivalent. There should be no open tears in the gloves and they should be long enough to tuck in the sleeves.


The Groin:

An athletic cup is mandatory for men.


The Legs:

The legs must be completely covered by fabric.


The Feet:

The feet must be completely covered; no open toed sandals, shoes etc.


The Weapons;

Weapons for rapier combat in the MSR fall into two broad categories; epee or schlager. Authorization for safe use of these weapons and their associated forms is required for participation in events and tournaments. “Day authorizations” may be issued for those who have not qualified by tourney day. Day Authorizations are to be issued by the Captain of Fence, the Lieutenant of Fence or their designees.

Weapons shall be inspected prior to the combat. The blades should be in god condition, with the proper “bend” associated with that particular style of blade. There should be no sharpened edges or points. There should be no loose parts. There should be no burrs on the blades.



Epees should have a fencing tip taped to the weapon. Tape should extend four inches down the blade. Electric tips are not allowed.

Schlagers should have a “bird blunt” tip with a metal washer inserted into the tip. A contrasting color of tape (to the blunt) should attach the tip to the blade without covering the top of the blunt. The tape should extend four inches down the blade. This ensures that a Marshal or List Master can observe whether or not a weapon is tipped from a safe distance.

Daggers should be tipped as above, depending on the style of blade. They may be used as either cutting weapons in all cases. They may be used as stabbing weapons provided the blades are approved for this use. The blades must be maintained in good order as above.


Parrying Arms;

Parrying arms shall fall into two broad categories; hard and soft parrying weapons.

Hard Parry Weapons include but are not limited to; bucklers, canes, sticks, mugs and helmets.

Soft Parry Weapons include but are not limited to; capes (approved for this use), blankets, whips and hats.

Regarding parrying weapons; if you are not sure it is an acceptable weapon, ask! If it is not a dagger or a sword, you may not use it as an offensive arm. Soft parry weapons may be used to trap a weapon, but

cannot be used to trip or tangle an opponent’s limbs, not to obscure vision. The throat shall not be wrapped at any time. Any exception to this rule is at the discretion of the Captain of Fence, the Lieutenant of Fence or their designees.

Weapons Forms and Authorizations

Authorized weapons forms are as follows; Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Buckler, Rapier and Cape, Cased Rapier1, Rapier and Hard Parry weapon, rapier and Soft Parry weapon. Fighters must be authorized in any form they intend to compete with, or receive a day authorization. Use of an epee mounted blade is at the discretion of the Marshal of the List. Epee and Schlager blades shall not be matched against each other.

Schlager blades are the default weapon of Kingdom tournaments.

Approval of unorthodox forms are at the discretion of the Marshal of the List.

The use of grapples, grabs, punches, kicks, trips, chokes and other non-weapon attacks are strictly prohibited with one proviso; membership on a Demo Team in which such techniques are demonstrated for the public.

Revised this date, 25 March, 2008

1 Cased, or Florentine Rapier; a Rapier in each hand.


Rules of Combat

  1. One thrust to the head or body = kill

  2. One cut or thrust to the throat = kill

  3. One severe cut to the head or body = kill

  4. One cut or thrust to the arm = cripple

  5. One cut or thrust to the leg = kill

  6. One cut to the inner thigh = kill


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