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The information included below is a general guide. It is not the only way to do things, it is simply a recommendation for those who may never have completed this role before, and who need assistance in knowing what to do and where to start. When possible, it is always best to shadow someone with experience before diving in. 

If you have any additional tips, advice, resources, or guidance please let us know, and we will add it to the guide. 

How to Coordinate Vendors for an Event


Your territory has an event to do, and has chosen a theme and time period. You have chosen to coordinate the Vendors for the event. As the Vendor coordinator, you are in charge of recruiting, and assisting Vendors for the day.



Planning stages

Step 1 – Coordinate with the Autocrat and Treasurer about where the site is located, where at the site the vendors will be set up, and establish if there will be a fee for vendors. (Also, understand that charging a fee may be discouraging especially if vendors are not guaranteed to make profit.) 

Step 2 – A few questions you should ask the autocrat, so that the information is on hand for the vendors: 

  • How much space is each vendor given?

  • Will the vendor location be indoors or out doors?

  • If outdoors will the vendor need their own tent for shade/rain?

  • What time can vendors set up?

  • Is there a vendor fee – if so how much?


Step 3 – Determine if there will be any benefits for vendors such as a Free Meal included (which can be worked into the vendor fee)


Step 4 – Determine what kind of vendors  you want onsite. Is it open to the public, who may want things like food vendors? Is the theme Italian – where we may want masks, and clothing vendors – or is it Viking, where we want jewelry and horn craft vendors?



Setting plans into motion

Step 5 – Map out how much space you have for vendors, and establish how many vendors the site can accommodate.


Step 6 – Advertise the event to the public with attention to Vendors. Let people know we are looking for vendors. This increases visibility and, lets people know it is an event where shopping will occur. This attracts vendors to you.


Step 7 - Reach out to vendors as far in advance as possible. Tell them about the event. Explain how much space they will have, and whether the site is indoors or outdoors. Once they have committed assign them to a spot on your mapped area. Be sure to communicate to them, where they will set up. If you do not have any Vendors that you personally know or have worked with before, you can use our Merchant guide to find some contacts. Ask them what they need from you to make this smooth and as successful as possible. 

Step 8– Communicate your progress with the autocrat.


Step 9 – Have your map and assignment locations printed out for the day of the event.

Step 10 - Send a reminder to all of your vendors 1 month before, 1 week before, and 1 day before the event. Also, send them a thank you the day after the event. Hold on to their contact information.


Day of your event


Step 11 – Arrive early, and ready to escort vendors to their designated areas.


Step 12 – Touch base with each of the vendors as they arrive. Make sure everyone has what they need.


Step 13 - Have a drink – you did it.


Step 14 – Ensure that all vendors have packed up on time, and cleaned up their respective areas. The site should look better than we found it before we call an end to the day.

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