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It has been said that “all things come into being out of strife.” The Kingdom of Acre is no exception.

The Kingdom of Acre was created forty years ago following a disputed East Kingdom crown tournament. The specific events of that fateful day are a matter for historians, and will not be rehashed here. But the end result was the winner of the tournament being subsequently disqualified and stripped of his title. This caused a number of Eastern knights, who were dissatisfied with the way the matter had been handled, to leave the East Kingdom in protest.  These knights went on to establish their own kingdom, the Kingdom of Acre. 


Unsurprisingly, in those early days, relations between the two kingdoms were somewhat strained. And although some people have a long memory, and the debate about that tourney still continues to this day in some circles, over time the rancor of those early days has faded away. In Acre’s seventh year, the feud was laid to rest as the Kingdom of Acre and the East Kingdom signed a formal treaty of alliance and mutual support. This treaty is renewed as every new monarch of both kingdoms adds their signature, typically at Coronation or at the Pennsic War. This alliance is celebrated at the Pennsic War each year, as the Kingdom of Acre appears at the opening ceremonies and announces its alliance with, and intention to fight alongside, the East. In addition, it is common for Acre and Eastern monarchs to be seated at a place of honor when attending each other’s events.


Although it shares real-world territory with the East Kingdom, Acre is a separate entity with its own Crown and baronies overlapping eastern lands. Initially founded and based in the New York City area, Acre has gone on to formally and informally colonize other areas, as life has lead a number of die-hard Acre citizens have moved about the world and take a little bit of their home kingdom with them. 


Acre maintains close ties to several local baronies in the southern region of the East Kingdom, as well as several other kingdoms, including An Tir and Trimaris. Many members of our populace maintain dual memberships in MSR (our parent organization) and in the SCA.

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