Coronation - January 8th


The populace of the kingdom gathered to celebrate and welcome their new King Damien and Queen Tara.

Ian O'Corra Live Steel Event - April 23rd

Lady Kaitlyn was elevated to the rank of Sargent for her long years of service and commitment to the Kingdom and it's people. The populace got to enjoy activities of archery, armed combat, a fine feast of delicious food, and even an arm wrestling contest.

Quest for the Holy Relics - May 14th

Day of Misrule - June 11th

The event played out as a spoof of Crown Tourney (two rounds of contests, including a final round of raw egg tossing, made more difficult by spectators pelting the finalists with marshmallows) and Coronation (with fleece jester's crowns, and edicts from the Queen and Queen of Misrule, Seneath and Persephene). In addition to the tourney the event featured Bocce, Nine-Man-Morris, and Backgammon.

Grand Heraldic Tournament - July 15th - 17th

On Friday night we had some early arrivals. Relaxing time was spent around the fire.

On Saturday people began arriving in the morning and early afternoon.
The first Combat was Youth combat. Lord Calvin, the Prince Royale, had to break in his new suit of armor, so at the request of His Grace, Lady Una got in harness and joyfully beat him up. This combat was conducted at the instruction and oversight of Lord Harold, himself experienced in youth combat and the perfect mentor.
Other fighters guardian armor and began doing pick up bouts. Among them, Her Grace. Having not been an armor since shortly after the birth of our son Tristan, Queen Tara availed herself well, doing some pick up bouts with His Grace under the instruction and oversight of her Knight, Count Galvyn Lockhart.
In the tournament begin. First was the Acre Unbelts Tourney. It was a single elimination tournament with some exciting fights. Lord Harold was the Victor.
The second tournament was a random inspiration from His Grace. Referring to it as the Jets and Sharks tourney, It was entirely fought with daggers alone. Great fun was had, and Count Douglas was the Victor.
Next was the “Rebellion of Misunderstanding” Melee.


The scenario:
- One side led by His Highness Prince Nico consisted of all unbelts. This consisted of Lord Harold, Queen Tara, Countess Persephene, and Lord Dimitri.
- The other side consisted of His Grace King Damien, Count Galvyn, and Count Douglas.


Combat Parameters:
- All unbelts were instructed to fight with their best weapons forms and each were allowed 10 resurrections.
- All knights on the field, those being the three aforementioned as well as Prince Nico, were instructed to fight with their worst weapon form only and were allowed no resurrections.


- The team of King Damien, Count Galvyn, and Count Douglas was victorious, taking no casualties.


The story:
While on the Kings Road, the prince received a message from a frantic messenger proclaiming that the king had died in a hunting accident. Seeking to exercise his rights as the heir apparent, the prince gathered what forces he could and marched to the capitol to claim the treasury and with it the throne.
As it happens, the King had been out hunting with some of his knights and was in fact alive. So, proceeding of the forest, one of the knights saw an army advancing and thought them to be base rebels.. Outnumbered but undaunted, the king and his small forces arrayed themselves on the Kings Road to defend the capitol and the royal blood.

The prince, seeing this, thought that someone had stolen the kings armor after his death in the forest and he commanded his forces to attack immediately to reclaim the kings armor.
A battle was had and the prince had his forces struck down. After having been captured in the melee, the prince realized that there had been a miscommunication. The king and the prince spoke and realized that a third unknown perpetrator has been involved, someone not present at the fight, seeking to start a Civil War in the kingdom and destroy the royal line. Unknown figure must have started rumors to get them to fight each other in the hopes that they would kill each other leaving throne vacant.
The king issued a full pardon to the prince and now the two of them are investigating the situation to determine who the real traitor is. So far, no one has been found. But it is only a matter of time before this nefarious criminal mastermind is brought to Royal justice.