Coronation - January 8th


The populace of the kingdom gathered to celebrate and welcome their new King Damien and Queen Tara.

Ian O'Corra Live Steel Event - April 23rd

Lady Kaitlyn was elevated to the rank of Sargent for her long years of service and commitment to the Kingdom and it's people. The populace got to enjoy activities of archery, armed combat, a fine feast of delicious food, and even an arm wrestling contest.

Quest for the Holy Relics - May 14th

Day of Misrule - June 11th

The event played out as a spoof of Crown Tourney (two rounds of contests, including a final round of raw egg tossing, made more difficult by spectators pelting the finalists with marshmallows) and Coronation (with fleece jester's crowns, and edicts from the Queen and Queen of Misrule, Seneath and Persephene). In addition to the tourney the event featured Bocce, Nine-Man-Morris, and Backgammon.