Coronation of Douglas & Marina - January 11th


The reign for the new year began with the new king and queen receiving their crowns. Afterwards they held their first court with the various officials and heads of office as well as knights and other such highly skilled individuals swore their fealty to their service and that of the kingdom for the duration of their reign.

After court was held the attendees all gathered in the hall for feasting and socializing to celebrate the occasion.

St. Valentine's Day Revel - February 8th

The day began with many members of the kingdom decorating the hall and preparing food for day-board. After morning prep and settling in, many members would gather outside in the nearby lot where the fighters would entertain the populace. There was a "smash and grab" tournament as well as a classic tournament but with the combatants only wielding great swords. Once the fighting was done there was some who would play historical games out on the lot while others returned to the hall. Candle light feasts was had and court was held soon after. Their graces gave a re-cap of the afternoon's fighting and the return of two long missed members. 

After court was held the attendees all gathered in the hall for socializing to celebrate the revel.

Notice to the Populace - July 30th

On July 14th, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to extend the Reign of Douglas and Marina until Yule of 2021.